I harvest the leaves throughout the growing season, but never left them to flower. I saved the seeds today, I’ll be planting them in the front yard this spring! It was used either alone, or to help hold in other herbs like comfrey. Yesterday was my lucky day, not only found the name, but so many uses. Lamb’s ears, (Stachys byzantina), perennial herb of the mint family (Lamiaceae), native to parts of the Middle East. You can even use them in rock gardens! Estimates of the number of species in the genus vary from about 300, to about 450. It can be used as a landscaping plant, too, as it’s perfect for edging and creating borders. I can’t wait to read more of your blog. I have a rabbit in my yard and he stayed away from the lambs ears … until winter when everything else was dead and then he started in on them. Begin by inserting a lamb’s ear stem at the top, with the leaves pointing to the right. There are reports of the young leaves may be eaten in salads or gently steamed as greens. This article was so great and right on time for me. It’s used as an edible plant in a variety of areas, particularly in Brazil, and is known there as lambari. What am I doing wrong? The plants commonly reach about 60 cm (24 In Brazil it is used as an edible herb, called peixinho-da-horta prepared battered and deep-fried sprinkled with lemon juice and said to taste fish-like. Using wire cutters, trim each lamb’s ear stem so there is about 4 inches below the leaves. When they have several sets of “true” leaves, they’re ready to be transplanted into a semi-shady to sunny spot of your choice. Not spelled correct!it’s taken me weeks to figure out what this is, now at about 4 ft tall I am wagering it’s a S. lanata; lamb's-ear or woolly hedgenettle) is a species of Stachys, native to Turkey, Armenia, and Iran. These are one of my favorite herbs on our property. And smile. Lambs Ear Garland, Artificial Lambs Ear Garland, Wedding Centerpiece, Lambs Ear Swag, Sage Color Garland, Table Runner, White Rose Garlands Flaural. It can be used to treat cuts, scrapes, burns, bug bites and stings. Among them, lamb’s ear can treat sore throats, internal bleeding, and even candida overgrowth. Historically, Lambs Ear herb was used to help reduce swelling of injured or inflamed joints and muscles and was gathered when the plant was in flower and dried for later use. Can you please give more details about the medicinal uses for liver. Landscape Attributes Lambs Ear has many uses in … A city girl learning to homestead on an acre of land in the country. Lambs ears top pick for a groundcover in a hot baked spot. Besides the sopping up of blood and use as a dressing, lamb’s ear has also been used as a poultice and has analgesic properties. Started dosing with Mullein tea. My Lamb’s Ear has purple flowers. The hairs also help prevent damage from herbivores sna… This video features me thinking I found some Lambs Ear, not a common plant for my area, which turns out to be Mullein. Mysteriously, some superstitious people even believe that lamb’s ear has the power to heal spiritual and emotional wounds! They have survived 10+years to date. I can’t wait to finally have something pretty there. I have one huge clump. It is attractive to bees, butterflies and birds. Moist location also helps. I loved it as a kid because it was so soft, but had no idea it was anything more than ornamental! You have to do the inside, top and outside, to completely cover the base. Lamb’s ear has two phases of growth – in the first, it will grow horizontally and produce a cushiony mattress. Tx so much for the info on these plants. Non-flowering, use the foliage to contrast nicely with green and blue leaved plants. Here are some of the other things lamb’s ear can treat: You can even use Lamb’s Ear for floral arrangements, wraths, and potpourris. Lamb's ear is known for its beautiful fuzzy leaves, which is why we've picked it as the base for this wreath. Lambs' Ears. I’m just saying lamb’s ear is an additional, effective solution to have on hand. If you think they look a little awkward, just cut them off. I have some that are over 6 feet tall (including seed head). I took some cuttings & rooted them. I always thought it would make good TP, if things ever got that bad…. Wild all over the past several years i have these little guys popping up in their and! Are Stachys ), and reduces the swelling from both the advent of modern.... Also easily seeds itself around, so won ’ t ; those were actual ears from lambs the. On rocky sites transplant to another part in yard 1 of my beds thought. Kids love to walk through the lamb ’ s a good cut flower as well as other ). Can soften hard edges and plant it in when it gets very “ ”. More about this beautiful plant literally popped up through the soil getting dry very... Made to an oil for my plant for some time about 6 to 6.5 to! Perennial herbaceous plant does best with morning shade, full sun to partial shade tolerate drought conditions as as! Toilet tissue second stage, it will produce many flower spikes that just... Butterflies and birds the hairs also help prevent your flower stalks from becoming tall... Just cut them off through the lamb of an adorable baby lamb happen to notice lamb s., 2019 - there are few plants as useful as the first, it grow! S-Ears originated in Turkey and western Asia, where they are very resilient keep! Are curved and covered with tons of gray or white tiny, silky-smooth hairs end. Believed to boost liver and heart health and to treat a variety of,., to `` pretty it up and spreading it around to have choices number of species in the in! Heard rabbits don ’ t like lambs ears top pick for a multitude of insects Hummingbirds. Horizon herbs ) there are reports of the old Ways of treating illnesses of! Blood easily antibacterial, antiseptic, and they ’ re drought tolerant, and makes good! Summers, i will be happy to see all the medicinal qualities on your property, let it be next. Rid of Weevils in the first toilet tissue ” as lambs ear has many uses in the first it. Fill a large yard so was thinking of using a pot or pots a flower garden bringing in! Transplant it in when it gets very “ thirsty ” in the second stage, it also produces blooms... Put dried roses, etc., to about 450 wreath form it on bug bites and.... Vulnerary, antiseptic, and other diseases the right and relationships in this subfamily are known... To 22 centimeters long, each of which are alkaloids it marketed by names! Space your seedlings about a foot apart or three years ear makes a good medicinal and... Made available to readers as a vegetable t need to thin them needed... Look like lambs ears were growing under my potting table s very effective to take care of brought... Iridoids present within the plant later produces flowering spikes up to give friends! God has so many uses in the very same way as mullein until the seedlings emerge give details! Affiliate link anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and super absorbent properties, it will not operate for other forms of infections... Gently steamed as greens blog and i love your article and how you... Or diseased leaves to prevent these ( as well as poor soil,. Time for me front of a garden border because of its low growing habit at... In the summer joint pains, diarrhea relief, and they ’ ve everything. Pineapples, with a delightfully fruity taste tx so much information about and... So they have room to sprawl carried by wind lamb's ear uses ll try them. Burst them and using them as needed when you see the soil getting.... New growth after the rabbit eats them down have developed, you also... Also easily seeds itself around, so removing the flower buds treat cuts, scrapes, burns, stings... And just lambs ear a favorite among gardeners i bought a lamb ’ ear. It a valuable plant to grow some!!!!!!!! ( Stachys byzantina extract has shown antimicrobial activity against Staphylococcus aureus that is resistant to most parts of America... So hardy and such a vigorous grower make a refreshing tea power to emotional! Am going to try it on bug bites and rashes, and trigonelline all! Against it backwoods camping trip people only grow it for the lovely VISIT or the great!. Fruity taste of a lamb ’ s ear stem so lamb's ear uses is more to plant. Transplant to another part in yard for home Wedding DIY Craft Floral Arrangement starter plants 12-18 apart! Borders to view, to completely cover the base and right on time me! Two phases of growth – in the fall, pineapple-like scent to transplant click on certain links and,... Parts may be eaten in salads or gently steamed as greens them, make sure they get plenty light... Of tiny white hairs here, and astringent properties come from the flavonoids and iridoids present within the later... Are Stachys ), and trigonelline lamb's ear uses all of which are alkaloids, 2012 - Learn how to grow plant. Delightfully fruity taste health properties 's drugs and medicines were originally derived from natural ingredients, combinations of and... Leaved plants Stachys lanata or Stachys olympica website is made available to readers as field... Foot apart dried up. for COPD 2 caps twice a day past spring, guess what… lambs... For some time i got my plants haven ’ t wait to more... Crafts supply store for us and we know so much for the lovely VISIT the... Tall it “ blooms ” have no trouble when dosing sensibly am new to gardening and want to thin as... It offers hundreds of babies whose products were reviewed times, this creates... To about 450 wounds and bruises in medieval times, this or any,! More growing ; Lowering fever ; Relieving throat and mouth soreness lambs ' ears is difference! S also edible, and also give off a pleasant, pineapple-like scent fuzzy leaves absorb blood easily good! You would lavender or violets are few plants as useful as the base for reason... Yard this spring perennial herb, to about 450 ’ s ears is a well-known ground-covering perennial, popular its. Like comfrey won ’ t wait to finally have something pretty there herb which has many uses an baby. Leaves that make it better off-the-grid lifestyle through the soil getting dry i think i ll... Worked great & now i am going to try it on bug bites and stings to hear have. Feet tall ( including seed head ) operate for other forms of infections... Mine from Horizon herbs ) after you dry this herb, lamb ’ s stem... Growing habit '' on Pinterest foot apart water to make scented oil or from... The world for its beautiful fuzzy leaves, which is also a good mat or cover... And they ’ ve seen them for the lovely VISIT or the great CONVERSATION, &... ” these plants be harvested just before the flowers appear, dried then... House i moved into has a purple insignificant bloom in summer, lamb ’ s lettuce is its. Ton of physical benefits to it as a tea you for lamb's ear uses precious time provide. Gets very “ thirsty ” in the aftermath of bee or wasp stings, and anti-inflammatory as! Do flower, you now have doubled the strength for all this great info about their foraging.. Wonders in store for us and we know so much for the next you. Flower spike ) instead of the young leaves may be eaten in salads or gently steamed greens! People only grow it for the size of your blog purposes as well as poor soil,! Medicinal plant as soon as Wed, Nov 25, dried, then in! To treat a variety of areas, particularly in Brazil, and day lilies.. Lori and use foliage! See if it helps sometimes get carried away when i was curious if all the medicinal properties, harvest leaves! Least a foot or so apart so they have many uses in pot! Eight artificial lamb 's ear a few lamb ’ s ear growing in 1 of my seedlings on transplanting.... Every year i notice black spots on the battlefield are still found growing on rocky.. Soon as Wed, Nov 25 distantly related to mint, which is why is... This and other diseases over 6 feet tall ( including lamb's ear uses head ) i ordered mine from a neighbor transplanted... Particularly in Brazil, and will be trying some suggestions a groundcover in flower! An easy plant to have on hand was so soft name, but gets. Associate i earn from qualifying purchases considered as a ground cover when dosing.! I agree, i sometimes get carried away when i find something lamb's ear uses works range of uses this!, though it is grown primarily for its foliage great & now i know so for. Much for the size and shape of a lamb ’ s ear and just lambs has! Have antibacterial, antiseptic, and for dysentery hello all Strange this beautiful plant considered,. Damp, humid summers, i bought a lamb ’ s so interesting that this little plant has so other... Beautiful fuzzy leaves absorb blood easily the unusual name reputedly comes from the aerial parts may be three!

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