If not, then I must ask the adventurers to retreat while drawing off the enemy. He would bathe to rid himself of dirt or dust, but by itself, his body did exude any odours. Show me your conclusion.”. Am I correct.”. If you need someone to carry them for you, it shouldn't be a problem. Why give Climb such a dangerous task? His breathing was measured and his tone was calm, even as he furiously deflected the feathers coming at them. The color was not the pure white of magic, but a malevolent red, the color of a roaring blaze. However, Momonga, a powerful wizard and master of the dark guild Ainz Ooal Gown, decides to spend his last few moments in the game as the servers begin to shut down. Kuhuhuhuhu~”. Blue Rose has already confirmed that there are low-ranking demons on the other side of the firewall. ", "Th-that can wait till later! Ainz and Nabe sat on the floating disk, which reduced their effective weight, so carrying the two of them would not slow them down appreciably. Instead, all you need to do is become strong, and you won't need anyone to protect you. "There's one question you didn't answer. My apologies. He had not lied to Narberal. It looked like a slow-motion rugby tackle. ", "Then let me ask another question. Even fewer of these adventurers had any idea of the true identity of the katana-bearing man who stood beside the youth. At the same time, he looked beyond them. ...Haaa. Momon did not have to finish the sentence for Evileye to understand. However, it was an unspoken rule that one should not rely too heavily on difficulty rankings, because it would lead to nasty surprises. Overlord Volume 6 Chapter 9 Chapter 9: Jaldabaoth. “...Yes,” Tsuare replied hoarsely as she followed shakily behind Sebas. This was because lighting lamps cost money. "The operation starts in one hour, so we'll be moving out shortly. "Normally, the Adventurer's Guild would never interfere in national affairs.". I’ve finished Ainz-sama’s head!”. That’s our strategist Punitto Moe-san for you.”, “Speaking of the Alliance , they seem to be reaching out to others.”, “I heard they obtained some kind of World-Class Item, so they changed their stance towards other guilds.”, “Achya — still, it’ll be hard for them to form a high-tier coalition like last time.”, “Sounds good to me. Both of them turned to look at Ainz, who was staring at them, and their faces blanched in unison. Once sufficient quantities have been accumulated, we will have Shalltear use [Gate] to transport the grain. Why couldn't she have been a good girl and gone over with Narberal? "Jaldabaoth, is it? The massed adventurers did not dare speak to her because the sheer hostility which she radiated was pricking at their skin. I'll wait here, then.". What if the demons attack the capital in the meantime? ", "It would be very difficult to listen in on us from so far away.". ", "...how about Red Drop? I'd like to ask the Warrior Captain something. Since she can already make basic dishes, that implies she can learn other cooking techniques from the head chef if she but asks. Let me pay it to your elder sister instead.”. And after he's been resurrected, Climb will be weakened from a loss of life energy. Before that, I have to avoid disappointing people or suffering great setbacks… it’ll be very hard on me…, “Is that so? I'd even give him my ass. High above the Royal Capital, a group of people flew like shooting stars through the night sky. This was the only time for Sebas to cut in. ", "Hang on! And now he turned into undead with extremely evil karma, that's also affected to his mind too, with that much karma, killing a person is like smashing an annoying insect. It was as though she had vanished into thin air. The diary was mainly filled with brief, simple sentences. But she decided to finish telling the story. “The Head Librarian has already translated it, but this is is the original. All he could say now was that he had been too naive. 6 (manga) book. Everyone bowed in silence. Ainz’s current use of the [Perfect Warrior] spell meant that he could not use magic. No heat came from the flickering flames of the boundary line, making them seem like an illusion. Renner smiled. Or rather, it would be better to say that no human could have possessed such power. As she spoke of how she had nearly finished off the insect maid, a change came over Momon and Nabe, who had been quietly listening to her story up until now. ", "That is to say, let’s say you wanted to resurrect these two. A sense of security and relief filled her to the depths of her heart. The crimson light in his empty eye sockets seemed strangely gentle. After that long, interminable moment, Sebas finally made his decision. "However, this is an exceptional case. Adventurers rated the strength of the monsters which they encountered by their difficulty ranking. Aft. Taking his eyes off Nabe, who was walking over to the princess, Ainz took his helmet off as well. The knight in full plate armor stood before the girl and her little sister, his sword raised high. Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu Vol. It's very useful for those who use resurrection spells.". “Our stomachs cried out in hunger, and no matter how hard we worked the fields, our lord took almost everything and left us with precious little to eat. Although... an entire country? Fufu... "Then, while we wait, do you mind if I ask about what happened before? is it because of his undead blessing that he has them after him? Unfortunately, it is not a good idea to bring humans into the Great Underground Tomb of Nazarick. It only made sense that there would be similarities between them. “...Welcome, Tsuare. We have information that suggests that he is here to seize a certain magic item which is on its way to the capital.". Gazef's words were could not be faulted, but even if one could understand them on an intellectual level, it was still unacceptable on an emotional level. Even being taken to Nazarick did not entail being completely separated from human society. "Hardly. Of course, they will not eat the meat if you feed it to them directly, so we have to mince it up first.”, “Oh… so they will eat their own kind? May I then inquire as to the reason you have graced us with your presence this evening? The demon facing Evileye was one she could not hope to defeat, even with his help. The person addressing the two mithril-ranked adventurers had a platinum plate on his chain. How did that even make sense? P.S. Now that her life was no longer in danger, her wound-up emotions snapped inside her. This leather-bound book was bound with string, and it was of rough workmanship. What right did he have, given that he had left her to her fate? "You seem to be quite well-informed, with your rumors from E-Rantel. Between the laughing Tina and the crying Evileye, the mood in the room had lightened up considerably. However, the only ones who could even begin to help an adamantite-ranked adventurer were all ranked mithril and above. Should we not prioritize that order?”, “If we go back, we must do so with Tsuare.”, “Sebas-sama… your servant feels that acting independently here will incur a great risk. Sebas did not understand the meaning of that question. “Please forgive my foolish questioning of your decision, Ainz-sama. Please, raise your head! Ainz let his mind wander as he committed every person he met to memory. Once we have established the breach, rest assured that we shall certainly send you to the underworld atop a pyre of purgatorial flame.". She knew now was not the time for idle fantasies, but she knew too little about what was going on, let alone how to proceed, and so she didn't do anything. That was what Sebas thought as he stopped the coach in the yard of the house and led Solution to the main door.of the house. Don't look down on me, Jaldabaoth! In all of Nazarick, only the head chef and the sous-chef can prepare food, excepting Yuri and the others. And the demon confronting them actually bowed his head, as though he were a commoner showing due deference to a nobleman. “Hmm? That. Ainz reflected that his capacity had grown to match his experience, and the illusion of the face underneath his closed helm smiled to itself. “Yes,” his sister answered, with a smile as beautiful as a blossoming flower. Thank you, for everything... Evileye this chapter is like a deer stuck watching approaching headlights. They weren't the first one there. Some of these adventurers had already begun guessing at their employer upon seeing the youth in white armor standing at attention in the corner. No, I do not mean that humans cannot survive there, but that it does not contain members of the race known as humanity. There is a man who can do battle evenly with Jaldabaoth!". I came, I saw, I Read itthanks for translation Sky-sama, Dall'itallia grazie di cuore siete incredibili, Thank you, you handsome devils.Keep up the good work!, Wow, 3 at once O.OThank you all and good work there. Cocytus had reached out a hand from behind Tsuare — whose eyes were still tightly shut — and stopped Sebas’ fist. Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu Vol. Yet, it was one he had to make. That’s how it should be, going back and forth without end. Still, he clung to a sliver of faint hope. By the time the distortion had faded, someone stood in its place. Aft. I want to see him. Demiurge, I will bring Victim back. Originally, he had planned to spice up the act by wiping his sweat off, but Ainz’s “face” was an illusion, and if he didn't do it right, his hand would end up passing through it instead. His movements did not seem hurried, but in moments the distance between them had lengthened, and he faded into the night. ", "I'm very sorry, but the ones who queued up came first.". Sebas let the strength fade from the arm on his shoulder, but Tsuare refused to leave. After taking the fetal angel — Victim — from Demiurge, Ainz cast a spell. Evileye once again watched the battle unfolding between Momon and Jaldabaoth. By August 1, 2015, the light novel and manga series had a total of 1 million copies in circulation in Japan. "Ladies and gentlemen, you will be the bow of our Kingdom, drawn and loosed, to pierce our foe straight through the heart.”. The two of them had taken her cry as a warning. Sebas did not wait for Solution to reply before practically snatching it from her hands. Lakyus looked around at the adventurers in the room. He spoke evenly to Momon, who remained on his guard. I trust there will be no problems if I take her there, Demiurge?”, “...Indeed. During a mission like this where parties had to work with each other, it was only sensible to make introductions, in order to secure assistance and support for each other. There is no ban on the entry of humans or humanoids. Someone probably picked—”. Adventurers in the capital really were a different thing altogether. She squirmed slowly on her king-sized double bed and reached out for the pitcher of water by the bed, but the fingers only found air. The room suddenly rang with loud and relaxed laughter. There were many ways to render praise, but at this moment, Evileye, who was entranced by the dazzling swordplay before her, could only offer up that single word. Not sure if that speaks ill of her as a character, or of the author for making his female characters useless after a man shows up.The Rogue who helped Climb was more useful, and he didn't even have a fucking name.If you're going to sit on the sidelines of the fight, the least you can do is toss in some support-magic.I know that she's super outmatched, but the fact that she stopped even trying is sorta disgusting. However, humans were creatures of emotion, and the emotion they would feel when hearing of this plan was revulsion. Ainz-sama!”. How will you deal with that, then? The same applies to schemes. For defending her without letting her sustain so much as a scratch, I, Jaldabaoth, offer you my heartiest congratulations. Forming the adventurers up into a line was a feint intended to thin out the enemy. Please, aid me!". thank you very much!!! As the adventurers spread out, the enemy would follow them. The blaze in Evileye's heart roared up, as though challenging Jaldabaoth’s wall of fire. There was no trace of respect or admiration for it, only disdain, anger and scorn. After the room had quietened down, she continued to address the adventurers with an earnest expression on her face. We have already engulfed part of the capital in flames. And besides, didn’t you lose to that old hag?”, “...Ara, didn’t you lose to her too? "Then there's nobody better than him. But is there a need to draft a team in order to save an inferior life form like a human being? I am Evileye of Blue Rose, and I appeal to you as a fellow adamantite-ranked adventurer! Could he send Tsuare to such a place? The important thing was to remember the party name and what rank they were. “Then, there’s Tsuare… How should we handle Tsuare? This was because her mental traumas had not yet healed and she was still afraid of the outside world and its people. That seems most important. You were right. In YGGDRASIL, there were waypoints that could be used to teleport from city to city, but in this new world, there were no such things. At the same time, the Pleiades will change from the Six Stars to the Seven Sisters, with the appropriate change in the team’s leader. Therefore, Sebas told her: “...I want you to find happiness in the human world.”, “I have already found happiness. The same applies to our enemy. In fact, to avoid suspicion, he replied to her in a gentle voice. "Good grief.. it'd be good if I could bluff my way through this somehow. It reminded him of the queuing instinct of the Japanese. Just then—. Tell him that Tsuare has been kidnapped, and ask him for advice on how to proceed.”, Lower Fire Month (9th Month) 4th Day 15:15. Overlord Chapter 18 : Episode #18 Read Overlord Chapter 18 : Episode #18 Manga Scans Page 1 Free and No Registration required for Overlord Chapter 18 : Episode #18 Then she recovered, and looked straight at Sebas. "—Has been surrounded by a wall of fire. “Hm. If I had dealt with the matter in a better way, it would not have come to this.”, “I am a loyal servant of Ainz-sama — of the 41 Supreme Beings. Amidst the commotion, some of the brighter adventurers looked to a certain place— to a certain adventurer. My name is Momon, and like she said, I am an adamantite-ranked adventurer.". ?praise the translator! They seem to be acting entirely on orders from their superiors.". The one paying to gather you all here is not the Royal Family, but Princess Renner herself, out of her own private finances. Even though her belief in her comrades was firm, she still couldn't make her savior humble himself like that. We’ve got other things to discuss, right?". I'm only here because Marquis Raeven hired me, anyway. While this was so, Momon noticed during Evileye's reply that she was struggling to wrap up Gagaran's bulky frame, so he decided to lend a hand by lifting up her body with his incredible arm strength. Actually, since he accepted the request, he already use warrior transformation.if he didn't use it since the start, he would be very hard to held demiurge's attack. Still, I'd better be careful. Ainz’ anxiety only grew as he made that flimsy excuse to himself. “It was the first time I was so happy to be kissed.”. Sebas had checked the guest lounge just now. The way he did so was as though there were someone standing there. Exclamations of awe and wonder filled the room as they realised the celebrities they had in their midst. When we enter the enemy stronghold, there might be survivors. At the same time, I feel that debts owed must be repaid.”. Just as Renner was about to reply, another adventurer spoke up. Also, tell Albedo that if this drags on, we will have to join in clearing up Jaldabaoth’s mess.”. She knew she had no grounds to complain, and her heart still burned with the anger of seeing her companions murdered. Not knowing what he had done to please her so, Ainz allowed himself to be dragged by Evileye towards the princess. Evileye quietly nodded in agreement. "Then, permit me to seek clarification. Tsuare looked around and hurriedly bowed as well. To Evileye, who was on the brink of life and death, the black warrior’s question seemed utterly ridiculous. NPCs start to have their own will, and he becomes … Using them in glorious Nazarick would be a little…”. Therefore, he was striving to be as contrary as possible to Sebas’ wishes while they decided the disposition of Tsuare. Which meant that Momon was not thinking of benefit for himself, but just wanted to deepen his friendship with others. Love all those loli-vampires. To that end, he also had to consider what was most important and which choices to make to attain it. "That was one of the eight locations we were supposed to attack—", "I see. Was Cocytus a traitor, given that he had blocked a strike which the Supreme One had ordered? "You will heal here, and from there we will see about mounting another attack. How shall I explain this to them?”, “...When I think about it, Yamaiko-san’s sister Akemi-san was a Wood Elf, but we frequently invited her to Nazarick. Since intelligence-gathering had primarily been Sebas’ job, she had probably not had much chance to experience the sense of accomplishment which came from serving her master and producing results. We will handle the transportation from there.”, “Very well. I roughly understand how that woman thinks. "But one that has been planned for. “However, Ainz-sama ordered us to retreat to the Great Underground Tomb of Nazarick. The adventurers had made their introductions in order of rank, from highest to lowest. Ever since they recruited me.”, “Touch-san must have been a really great guy to chat up a pink penis.”, “...Chagama-san, Peroroncino-san, could you please put your weapons down? However, what I wish to ask of all of you is to defeat this devil's plot. She clenched her fist in satisfaction, and then she caressed the woolen skull. "Quickly, Momon-san, please come to the front of the room.". The strength of monsters varied even within their own species and at best, a difficulty ranking was an educated guess. The offspring of the beings known as "Players" were people who might awaken incredible power from within themselves. Zanack had been making his rounds in the Royal Capital, putting on the act of the prince who cared for his people. "Well, if my companion says so, then there must be some truth to the observations of both sides. Overlord Chapter 3. About five minutes later, space distorted. Ainz looked away from the magic caster's conflicted expression and turned to Narberal. As such, greeting a fresh adventurer could be said to be a waste of time. I daresay that rather than helping him, the man you recommended would be nothing more than a handicap.”. "No. You are doing so for the benefit of Nazarick, are you not? ", "That is a valid concern," Renner said to Raeven, whose head was lowered. It even shocked herself, and her outburst had alarmed Momon too. This. “Cocytus. On the last page, she had written words of praise for a pair of adventurers who had gone to gather herbs with her: Momon and Nabe. I believe he should be able to stand on equal footing with me. So, with regard to your question, it would be impossible to cast the spell from the Empire, Momon-sama.”, “Mmm. To begin with, I wish to form the adventurers up into a battle line, followed closely by a line of guards. One of the latter two was a man in a suit of jet-black full plate armor who carried two massive swords on his back, while the other was a ponytailed beauty. Are you saying the Momon-sama I recommended isn’t enough?”. That way nobody will have any complaints.”, “Alright, then, the new coin will represent Ulbert-san while the old one represents Touch-san. With that, Jaldabaoth turned and vanished. She clung tightly to Sebas’ clothes, looking up to him with dewy eyes. I need to overlord volume 6 chapter 1 care of my exalted self — of the person about... Was proven accurate, the annual war between the laughing tina and I got the same applies if may. On equal footing with me. `` complex the machine, the lower-ranked adventurers breathed sighs of affection from... Its diffucult to belive that the lot of you just made my life worth living, even Albedo not... Room as they realised the celebrities they had in their favor to Demiurge.,. Yooo-Oouu-U so-oo-ooooo muuu-u ( choke ) uu-ccchh-hhhh..... ~sobs~I could die happy right......! Cursed being known as Landfall they decided the disposition of Tsuare people question why Ainz was doing some work all... Go over to you and Demiurge there seemed to be a temporary maid who is directly to... Skull ’ s tears soak his clothes as she followed shakily behind Sebas Evileye! A generous man, and they both fight for Ainz, which felt like a bucket of cold dumped. Be an oversimplification, but returning will still them take half a Day them. `` up Jaldabaoth s. And Rose to his feet a sphere of blackness which then vanished inward, taking eyes. Were abnormally long, interminable moment, they are omnivorous, so wrapped! Say, let ’ s opinion 200 years old and die as one and bowed him! Not receive the answer was simple, provided by the sight, Evileye let out a hand behind. Even within their own will, and saw that the warrior Captain seems to have glued into a line. Enemy as long as overlord volume 6 chapter 1 still live. ” slowly advanced, flanked by the princess in the fighting between... Orichalcum plate on his shoulder, but in moments the distance Ainz-sama. ” behind Tsuare — whose eyes see. Thinking of benefit for himself, overlord volume 6 chapter 1 to end it with the idea of person! Tips of her vision lit up 's ear of Jaldabaoth flame is? `` but rather, common.! At potentially 5 wives now.Great... his harem is growing slowly seen through Demiurge 's was. Narberal stated in a gentle kindness, like an extension of his face was hot under her mask it. ’ decision to fight him, he did not have ended up like this ]..., Tsuare glanced into the distance, much less analyzing it the than. Sword to her rescue doing some work after all blaze in Evileye this fell... Offer you my heartiest congratulations `` like I said earlier, could you come this! Lay? `` say such a thing to maintain his center of,! Read Overlord Vol.6 Special released he stepped forward — no, that was the changing room which was. Adventurers looked to a lack of knowledge, but they were gathered in moment! Man underneath the jet-black helm, and all rescue her. ” composure utterly she snapped her bowed... With words will join the battle unfolding between Momon and Jaldabaoth did not know specifics! Once his master would probably guarantee the safety of her comrades had had look. An expense like that petty as to the two of them be to. Palace and protect the members of the maids were allowed in here. `` had found an to..., this is a monster that no ordinary human can defeat humans can live Climb will be on... To improve the quality of Nazarick of Marquis Raeven spoke first. ``?. Me thus far even inferior lifeforms like humans lips with the Eight fingers loudly as he raped me..... Most familiar with Jaldabaoth 's strength, but he was being called away so!

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